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Take a look - 2023 Sneak Peak!!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Welcome to the house of Fire! Before 2022 is out we want to give you a sneak peek of 2023! Take a look at some images of what our shop at 883 Hyde Park Ave will look like !!

We were hoping to start construction this summer, but we had a minor setback.

Starting a small business is hard in any industry, but yalls continued support means the world to us. We know you all are waiting for us - we are coming soon!!

We are planning to start construction in Spring and open next year (we won’t say when - we dont want to jinx it)!

For now, make sure you visit our website (link in bio), sign up for our newsletter, and look out for more updates!

Major shoutouts to Ashleigh McKenzie of FSB Design for her expertise and brilliance in guiding our interior design. When in doubt, go local !

Thanks for your patience and continued support!! Firehouse is coming soon!!

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